Forensic Engineering

We provide forensic engineering evaluations and technical support to the legal community through investigations, reports and presentations. Our goal is to make complex topics and concepts understandable. We deliver fact-based analyses, keen observations and clarity.


Seeking an unparalleled understanding to a case or claim requires thorough and thoughtful investigation. Bergman Engineering provides the technical perspective, engineering expertise and keen observations required to bring confidence and clarity to a variety of situations.

Expert Witness

Helping clients understand and evaluate their case or claim is the cornerstone of what we do. Bergman Engineering provides objective expert testimony, technical analysis and reporting. We have the education, experience, credentials and skills necessary to communicate complex ideas to laypeople and experts alike.

Civil Engineering

The science behind Bergman Engineering is civil engineering, an expertise that spans a variety of interrelated subject areas including structures, construction, environments, traffic systems, materials and more. The concept of “Renaissance Man” could easily be used to describe the experts at Bergman Engineering.

We are a Responsive Forensic Engineering Firm Providing Independent Investigation and Expert Witness Services for Clients Nationwide.

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Who We Work For

Who We Work For

We work for Law Firms, Independent Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Claims Agents, Municipalities and a wide array of private entities.

Where We Work

We work Nationwide and hold multi-state Professional Engineer licenses. We are based in suburban Philadelphia.

Engineers First

We are engineers first. We apply our knowledge in a forensic capacity to discern causes, contributors and risks. Our experience as practicing engineers makes us efficient and thorough.

Frequent Forensic Role

Evidence Review 85%
Investigative Report 95%

Expert Witness 65%